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Download French (FBL) Previous Year Question Paper for Amity Students. You can also find the link to download Notes for French (FBL) in the post below. Click on Big Blue Download Button to download the respective file.

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French Previous Year Question Papers Semester Wise

1Semester 1

(Introduction to French Culture & Language)

2017 :

2016 :


2Semester 2

(French Grammar – I)

2017 :

3Semester 3

(Written Expression & Comprehension in French-I)

There is change in pattern of the paper from 2017

Important Topics:

Section B

  • Email
  • Invitation letter
  • Seasons
  • Dialogue in restaurant
  • French eating habits
  • Any two or three of these
  • For seasons learn page no 5 and 6 from notes

Section C

  • Unseen passage
  • Translation French to English and English to French

4Semester 4 

(French Through Communicative Approach)

2018 :

2017 :

2017 (Supplementary) :

5Semester 5

(Communicative French- II)

6Semester 6

Coming Soon

7Semester 7

Coming Soon

8Semester 8

Coming Soon

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